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Gift Certificate: Psychospiritual & Somatic Breathwork session

This certificate is good for a 2-hour integrated Somatic Breathwork session with Leah Grace.

Psycho-Spriritual & Somatic Breathwork Package

Psychospiritual & Somatic breathwork is the most transformational modality I have ever worked with. To fully release the armoring of the body we will do a 6-session series, each session unlocking one of the 7 belts of constriction that the body holds.

When you release these outdated patterns of protection, you free yourself from underlying restrictions in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual life.

Sessions will be bi-weekly or weekly depending on your needs and schedule.

Integration support through coaching & voice messaging will be available between sessions.

Email me for questions: leah@leahgracellc.com

Experience your life less colored by past traumas and survival strategies, and more rooted in the present moment.